Eckford Residence

The architectural design for this contemporary residence evolved from our client's desire for a home that is a tranquil place for modern agrarian living and retreat. The home is designed to seamlessly open unto the riparian habitat and distant mountain views afforded by the quiet rural site. Pavilion roof forms with integral clerestory windows linked by lower flat roof elements define the living spaces and provide for sun shading, abundant natural daylighting and ventilation. The structure is suspended above the grade on piles to minimize site impacts and to afford the free #ow of the natural drainage patterns. The landscape design includes the restoration of the riparian habitat and extensive use of water-wise native and adaptive planting to further blend the house with the natural surroundings. Articulate detailing utilizing natural weathering materials such as native cut stone, copper, and western red cedar are tailored to our client's vision to create a wholly unique and distinctive "modern zenagraian" design aesthetic. Located across a bridge is a large barn that refects the rural nature of the area and houses a wood shop, machine shop, and storage for some antique cars.

2 Bed / 4 Bath
Square Feet
4,875 sf (Residence) 1,580 sf (Garage/Studio)
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