Nathan Wood



California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, 2007
Bachelor of Architecture 
Cal State Florence 2005-2006

With NMA Since

May 2010

My Life

After spending a couple of years at UCSC without a major, I moved back home and interned with NMA while attending junior college. Fast forward to about seven years later, where after graduating from Cal Poly and getting laid off from my second job after college, I ran into Andy surfing in the cove at Rincon (during the middle of the day on a Tuesday), and he asked me why I wasn't at work. A few days later I came into NMA for an interview, and I've been at my desk ever since! Born and raised in Carpinteria, I feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to live in the town that I grew up in and be so close to my family and friends. A typical Saturday these days would hopefully include a surf or two at Rincon, a hike with my Golden Retriever Ola, and a BBQ with some of my besties.  

My Inspiration

As much as I love the town I live in, getting out and visiting new places and cities is always a great source of inspiration.  It doesn't matter if it's camping or a big city, getting out of town and seeing a new place will always keep me inspired and help me refresh my outlook on my daily life. 

Favorite Memory

If you can combine an entire year into a single memory, it would have to be the year I spent studying abroad in Florence. It was my first real experience spending an extended period of time out of the United States and helped to open up my eyes to new cultures and ways of life. Their appreciation and dedication to the arts and architecture is something that the rest of the world, especially the United States, could really learn from.