Alex Larson


Keene State College, New Hampshire
Bachelor of Science in Architecture, 2012
Keene State College - University of Otago, New Zealand, 2011

With NMA Since

October 2019

My Life

Growing up in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, my family was genuinely happy right at home, enthusiastically immersed in whatever weekend projects had gained traction. Regardless of what we were building - barn, patio, tree house, skate ramp - I gravitated to the creative process of imagining something, building it, and experiencing it in action. Attending architecture school in New Hampshire felt like the natural next step, and one that would ultimately kick start a series of defining moments in my life - most notably, developing an extraordinary sense of joy for the mountains and the ocean, and moving to New Zealand where I met my wife, Margarida. Somewhere along the way, I prescribed to the idea that positive energy would surround the pursuit of the things I love to do. Luckily for me, that mission continues to lead me to some of the most magical places on earth. I am incredibly grateful to have found such fulfillment in my work-life balance, and the Ventura/Santa Barbara area seems to blend them together perfectly. We’d had coastal California pinned on the map in our living room for a long time. We packed up and drove here from Boston, and we’re loving it so far!

My Inspiration

My first job out of school was with a design-build timber frame company in New Hampshire, and for a while, I worked both in the office and in the field as a carpenter. I was totally energized witnessing the designs come to life.

I am otherwise inspired by many different creative art forms, music without a doubt being the most prevalent. Maybe in my next life I will get to create music for a living. 

Favorite Memory

My most memorable experiences seem to happen coincidentally, and without much planning. “The Whole Enchilada” is a famed mountain biking trail in Moab, Utah, and it just so happened to be a slight detour on our drive across country. Naturally (given the circumstances), we had all of our bike stuff with us.