Hedgerow Residence

The Thayer residence provided us with a wonderful opportunity to explore the traditional Spanish Colonial building style that is so well suited to the Santa Barbara lifestyle and our Mediterranean climate. The Thayer’s property was historically once part of a larger Montecito estate long since sub-divided into smaller parcels for homes. A beautiful 1920’s era Spanish Colonial style art studio building with a high arched ceiling and large Northfacing steel frame bay window remains as a historical touchstone to that past. Subsequent additions and a haphazard conversion of the studio into a single-family residence virtually erased the soul and charm of the original architecture. Upon careful review of potential design options with our client, it was decided to restore and preserve the original studio structure, remove the more recent building additions, and to create a new residence that built upon the wonderful charm of the studio, while at the same time created a new modern home for their young family. Traditional forms and archetypes of the historical Spanish Colonial style were reinterpreted to create a sense of place meshed with the Thayer’s needs for contemporary living. Careful attention to historical design, craftsmanship, and architectural detailing blends the new building with the original structure.

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