Great News! We recently found out our friends at Santa Barbara Adventure Company were awarded a 10-year contract by the National Park Service to construct/manage guided sea kayak tours on Santa Cruz Island out of Scorpion Bay. We helped SB Adventure Co. create their sustainable design proposal, generating off-grid, conservation/environmental concepts for their guide camp and other master plan amenities.


It’s hard to believe that not so long ago sustainably was not a strong priority, let alone a consideration, in the minds of many people including most architects. We are happy to see these days that green design is in the forefront, and is here to stay. 


A new environmental awareness was spurned in our community (and many would say for our country as a whole) in 1969 in response to the devastating oil spill that befell our Santa Barbara coastline at that time. That sea-change has since evolved into our strong present-day movement towards environmentalism and sustainability. 

For our kids and for our Santa Barbara community, environmentalism has become second nature. Recycling, water conservation, solar power, electric cars, high efficiency building design standards, the Community Environmental Council, the annual Santa Barbara Earth Day festival… we continue to be in the forefront of creating a healthier sustainable world and way of living.

Our approach to our design work here at NMA has evolved directly from this community ethos. It’s a simple philosophy: sustainable design is good design. It’s an integral part of our culture what we’ve always done. Creating architecture that is a healthy and comfortable environment for our clients, responsive to our local community environs, as well as, the larger world environment, is what we strive for. And we’re always working to get better at it. We encourage our clients to do the same!


Green design is good design. It’s what we do. And it’s our wholehearted contribution to our community’s strong ongoing environmental legacy.



NMA supports the AIA 2030 initiative challenge that new buildings, developments, and major renovations shall be carbon-neutral by 2030.


For those who are interested in what can be achieved with a sustainable design approach, here are several NMA examples:


Ventura Beach House 

California Beach House 

Kurth Residence