by Dave Mendro

Client service has always been our priority and a cornerstone of what we do as architects. We won’t lie, creating beautiful design work in itself is quite rewarding. After all, isn’t that what we architects are trained to do? However, over the years, we’ve come to realize that the way we truly measure our success is by how well we meet our clients’ expectations.

There are hundreds, likely thousands of ways to create a stunning design and solve a problem. Just flip through the pages of any design website or magazine. They are filled with great designs, styles, architectural fashions… and many, many monuments to architects’ egos. We could do just that. Create design work that makes us happy. But, the real trick and the real reward for us is to come up with a design that is a beautiful work of art, but is also the perfect fit for our client.

We want to create your sense of place: the perfect design for your life and your style.

We have often heard people say that their home looks great, but the architect didn’t really listen and it doesn’t work for them. Or, they’ll say that when their business building was completed they were surprised by the design features and that there are many things they would change if they had better understood the plans during the design process. We know from experience that the best way to avoid these pitfalls is for us to listen carefully and communicate well with those who come to us to design their place, whether its a home, a business, a community art center, etc… Our client’s goals are our priority.

A great way we gauge our success with meeting our clients’ expectations is the annual Houzz awards. Houzz is a website and online community that has become the go-to design resource for many of our clients and colleagues alike. It’s a great place to see what is happening with design and to explore creative ideas. We’ve recently had the honor of being selected out of the many design firms as the Best of Houzz in Design and the Best of Houzz in Service. And we’ve achieved these honors now for 4 years running. Making our clients happy makes us happy!