Anna Jensen-Stewart


Montana State University, 2003
Masters of Architecture
Montana State University, 2002
Bachelors of Environmental Design
Study Abroad Program - Europe, 2001

With NMA since

September 2006

 My Life

I grew up in Montana, and I think that instilled in me a love and deep respect for nature and exploration. Growing up in a small town, I also developed an insatiable longing and curiosity for “what’s out there.” That fueled me to do a fair bit of roaming throughout Europe and Asia in multiple trips, before moving on a whim to Santa Barbara in a “get a haircut and get a real job” moment. I was lucky to land a job at NMA shortly after and have been clocking hours ever since. I get to explore this life with my wonderful husband Ethan; and together we live in our “Brokedown Palace” that we share with a manic-trenching boisterous beast Danger Dog, a three-legged kitty Alu, and a feisty fish Carlos II. 

My Inspiration

My inspirations are varied and numerous; I draw inspiration from many different aspects of design, whether it’s artwork, sculpture, architecture, or some other realm of design. I’m also inspired by the greatest designer of all - Mother Nature!  Travel is one of my biggest sources of inspiration, always providing eye-opening moments of wonder and fresh perspectives; it’s food for the soul.  My inner nerd also enjoys reading up on the latest innovations and discoveries in science and the natural world.  

I’m also inspired by the many truly good, talented, beautiful family and friends that I’m blessed to have surrounding my life. My husband never ceases to inspire me, especially in the last couple years as he’s been forced to wade through medical muck and all the uncertainties that go along with it. His strength, resilience, gratitude and grace continue to be an everyday reminder of the important things in life.

Favorite Memory

Some of my favorite times just off the top of my head:  traveling throughout India, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Japan with my brother; traversing New Zealand in a camper van with Ethan; marrying my husband in an epic downpour surrounded by some of our favorite muddied-up people; and more recently a skiing road trip in Montana where we got the best snow of our lives!  More to come I’m sure...